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Yoni Bar Soap

Yoni Bar Soap

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Our best-selling feminine intimate care bar soap has been carefully crafted to gently cleanse the delicate area of a woman's body. It uses 8 kinds of ingredients, and All of our herbs are 100% natural and free of chemicals, pesticides or GMOs. It is designed to leave you clean, fresh, and dry all day long!

Yoni Bar Soap assist with yeast, bacteria and vaginal tightness. It also smoothes, purifies and softens the Yoni. The herbs are used to promote proper hormone function and to balance the feminine PH. EXTERNAL USE ONLY.


- 100% Natural and Unscented

- NO Synthetic Fragrances

- NO Artificial Colorants

- Soy/Gluten/Dairy Free


- NO Parabens

- Latex Free


Rosehip Oil, Rose Oil, Rose Petals, Shea butter, Jojoba oil, Lauric Acid, Lavender, Aloe, Raw Honey

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